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Power Of Formative Assessment

via Marshall Memo with comments from Dr. Kevin Feldman. [Good review of some of the key ideas in our work  — Dr. Kevin Feldman} Nine Ways Assessments Can Improve Teaching and Learning – Kim Marshall – “In Praise of Assessment (Done Right)” by Kim Marshall in Phi Delta Kappan, March 2018 (Vol. 99, #6, p. 54-59),…
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Valley City’s New Afterschool Program Engages 29 Students In STEAM

We’re excited to announce that Valley City has opened a new SEEC meaningful-out-of-school-time program at Washington Elementary! Located in the school’s library, the program is equipped with enough staff to engage with 29 students (currently 10 4th graders, 9 5th graders, and 10 6th graders) in STEAM-related activities and projects! Jessica Sanden, a library media…
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Empowering Success: Every Student, Every Opportunity, Every Day

Chad Benson, the superintendent at Hankinson Public School, has taught in many ways and at different levels, but knew it was for him from early on… when he was a high school lifeguard teaching swimming lessons to be exact! Over the past 24 years, Benson would teach, coach and lead through his roles as a…
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