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Jamestown High School Career Literacy Day

On April 12, 2018, SEEC was able to support a successful Jamestown High School Career Literacy Day through its partnership with the HESS Corporation. A morning breakfast with over 40 community presenters was followed by presentations about their careers to 650 students! In the afternoon, juniors and seniors volunteered to go to five different major employers in our community. Students received a brief tour and presentation from a variety of careers existing within the company. Presentations focused on job descriptions and requirements; discussion on the importance of strong literacy skills in the field and/or what role literacy skills played in attaining the job (training, college, etc.); and what are the literacy skills used on a daily basis (reading, writing, oral communication, etc.). These site visits help students discover the importance of literacy development and the careers that exist in the Jamestown region.

Thank you to HESS Corporation for helping support the breakfast, presenter gifts (engraved key chains made in the Jamestown HS Makerspace) and transportation for the career site visits.

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