N.D. Multi-Tiered System Of Supports

NDMTSS: A Framework for Success

Jennifer Glasheen
Jennifer Glasheen

By Jennifer Glasheen, Director of Teaching, Learning (and part-time MTSS coordinator!)

It’s fall. It always amazes me how much work happens at the beginning of the year and never surprises me how happy we all are that there are two days off in October to catch our breath! How do we keep going at this pace all year long? Why would we want to? Simple. It’s all about the kids! However, nothing is ever that simple!

Administrators, teachers, support staff and entire systems are spending a great deal of time and effort trying to do the work of school improvement, engaging in the conversation around how to work smarter and trying to answer some key questions:

  • How do we create a system where ALL STUDENTS can be successful?
  • How do we create a system where ALL TEACHERS can be successful?
  • How do we create a system where ALL INITIATIVES align to promote DISTRICT improvement and success?
  • How do we create a system where ALL RESOURCES and SUPPORTS are allocated to support these overarching school improvement goals?

We have been working on this work too! Members of the State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) State Implementation Work Group, comprised of REA leaders from the South East Education Cooperative (SEEC), Mid-Dakota Education Cooperative (MDEC), and the Missouri River Education Cooperative (MREC), as well as NDDPI and educational consultants from Iowa and Oregon, have listened to the needs of North Dakota Schools and the lessons learned from ND and across the country to design and develop an overarching framework to bring our work together.

Introducing NDMTSS!

North Dakota’s Multi-Tier System of Supports (NDMTSS) is a framework to provide all students with the best opportunities to succeed academically and behaviorally in school. NDMTSS focuses on providing high-quality instruction and interventions matched to student need, monitoring progress frequently to make decisions about changes in instruction or goals. Data are used to allocate resources to improve students learning and support staff implementation of effective practices. READ MORE…

First introduced in June 2016 at the 6th Annual ND MTSS Conference in Fargo, the NDMTSS Framework is built around five essential components – Assessment, Data-based Decision Making, Multi-Tier Instruction, Infrastructure & Supports, and Fidelity & Evaluation – and is driven by the continuous improvement cycle. Leadership and Overview trainings have been developed and delivered in locations across the state, with more to come.

SEEC MTSS Projects

Two additional MTSS Projects are currently underway in the SEEC. A Year 1 Cohort is focusing on development of leadership teams, using assessments for decision-making, and identifying interventions to develop an action plan for implementation of a school-wide multi-tier system of supports. A Year 2 Cohort is implementing the action plans developed last year and focusing on leadership, coaching, fidelity and evaluation of the system components. Over 100 people on 12 different leadership teams from SEEC schools are participating in these projects facilitated by Wayne Callender, Education Consultant from Partners for Learning, Boise, ID.

School-wide systems alignment and development is intense work, but the MTSS projects in our schools and across our state are helping to ensure that ALL kids can be successful, and that is why we do it. It’s all about the kids!

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