Reading Is Important For A Child Inside And Outside The Classroom

North Dakota Reading Corps’ tutors come from different backgrounds and apply with different hopes of what to gain from the experience, but one thing that remains true across all tutors we’ve seen is that their love for working with children and joy of helping them succeed is top-notch and we couldn’t be more proud of these tutors. This month, I’d like to introduce you two individuals who really enjoy each and every second they get to spend with their students.

Trevor Magel 2
Trevor Magel

Trevor Magel is a history graduate student University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is currently researching and writing his dissertation. This is his first year as a Reading Corps tutor and is working with students at L.E. Berger Elementary in West Fargo.

“I applied with AmeriCorps for the Reading Corps program to support myself while researching/writing my dissertation and hope to become more confident with one-on-one student-teacher interactions.”

He knew this program would be a perfect fit for him during this time as he completes his graduate program, but also because of his passion for working with students and to instill the power of reading in his students.

“I know how vital reading is from my own school work so this is a program I can be passionate about.”

Trevor says that seeing an increase in student motivation and enthusiasm when it comes time to meet with him is a great feeling, plus watching their face light up when looking at the progress they’ve made is priceless.

“Every child is different and working with them one-on-one is the best way to prevent road blocks from becoming mountains. If you’re considering becoming a Reading Corps tutor, you will learn as much from your students as they will from you. It’s worth it!”

Stephanie Harr
Stephanie Harr

Another student, but at the beginning stages of her education, Stephanie Harr is a sophomore at NDSU majoring in elementary education and human development and family science. She has always enjoyed children and helping others, so becoming a Reading Corps tutor was the perfect opportunity for her.

Stephanie is in Fargo at Kennedy at Eagles and is also a first year tutor. She hopes to gain connections and experience that will help her as an elementary teacher in the future.

“After being a Reading Corps tutor for just two months, I already understood how important reading is for a child both inside and outside the classroom. I hope to see my students improve their reading skills and become more confident in their abilities.”

Stephanie says she would definitely recommend becoming a Reading Corps tutor.

“If you enjoy helping others and being around children in a school setting, then this is the job for you! It’s such a rewarding experience to help a child succeed!”



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