26 Students Visit McKenna Thielsch Center Of Science: Biology & Chemistry Labs

In February, students from Jamestown’s Lincoln Elementary MOST after school program visited the new McKenna Thielsch Center of Science at the University of Jamestown on two separate occasions! On Feb. 10, ten second through fifth grade students visited the science building and later, on Feb. 24, 16 kindergarten and first grade students were able to make the same trip!

Biology Professor Bruce Jensen and members of the University of Jamestown’s Science Club greeted students and introduced them to a variety of scientific activities and concepts. Students split into two groups and took turns visiting either the biology corridor or the chemistry lab.

The biology activities included students using microscopes to look at bug specimens and live microscopic insects that were taken from one of the lab’s aquariums. They also got to use microscopes to look at their own cheek cells!

The chemistry lab provided a neat demonstration for students showing different chemicals being burnt over flames producing different colors, a.k.a. the concept behind fireworks!

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